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To have a space without limits, protected with the most sophisticated instruments of security and reliability, allowing you to grow your business to infinite, or complete the solutions adding disaster recovery strategies and high availability technique.
Overcome the risk of the Single-Point-of-Failure, like important files on
the laptop, or data stored exclusively on enterprise servers by configuring remote data copies (backup or DR) on our secure and high-performance systems to guarantee service continuity with levels close to 100%.

Data Center

We’re working on a structure of 47 data center distributed around the world, from the USA to Asia, more than 17 PoPs to form a ‘interconnected worldwide cloud infrastructure.
The total guaranteed private connectivity between different data center is more of 2000 Gbps, while the entire infrastructure is redundant and replicated to other data center to ensure the safety and high reliability of all the data. Performances and redundancy are at a higher level for use of enterprise technologies only.


Our Senior Solution Architects always look for innovative solutions to make simple all business processes. Our tools allow us extensive analysis in order to always offer the best customized solutions. The wide experience from
years in the enterprise allows us to use the cloud taking advantage of the best aspects, without forget traditional IT solutions and integrating both sometimes. We also offer consultancy services at all levels: applications level, s.o. Unix and Windows, storage activities and projects, troubleshooting, SAN / TAN evolution, backup, virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.


With an advanced Ticket Management service 4Vault is able to support customers continuously and efficiently. The different levels of service can be configured allow to customer to choose the best solutions on any type of environment (core business applications, infrastructures, and others). Our support system is divided into 3 main bands, all our SLA are customizable.


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